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Welcome to our Specialty Coffee Shop and Levant food kitchen, where we combine the best of both worlds to offer you a unique culinary experience. Our focus is on serving authentic Levantine cuisine, crafted with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations.



What do you usually do at the age of 19? You definitely explore, and try to figure out what you want to do in life. But definitely, not many of us had a clear vision and career path in mind at this age….


European Coffee Trip

Meet Hassan Almasalmeh @hassanmas300 who is 19 but he already has 6 years of experience working in specialty coffee. He holds the SCA Barista Professional and…

Coffee History

About Hkayat Restaurant

Featured offers

Our menu features a variety of flavorful dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds, from juicy shawarma wraps to savory mezze platters. We take pride in using only the finest ingredients and cooking methods, ensuring that every dish is bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection.


Continental Breakfast

Egg - Toast - Jam - Butter - Tea
Price : 25 DH


Breakfast & Shisha Combo

Breakfast & Shisha Combo
Price : 59 DH


Oriental Breakfast

Labneh - Foull - Egg -olive - Vita Cheese & Tea
Price : 28 DH


Shisha Sandiwches
& soft drinks

Combo Shisha, Sandwich and soft Drink
Price : 59 dh


Granolla Dish

Granolla - Yoghurt - Strawberry - Banana - Hony
Price : 27 dh


Shisha & Juice

Shisha Offer with fresh Juice
Price : 54 dh


Arif Shah
Arif Shah
Marvelous food and shisha Hotspot. Malaki Dreamy Love flavor was a godsend! Lamb Chops amazing
jamal jamal
jamal jamal
خدمه ممتازه وطعام لذيذ وترتيب انيق تحيه لكل الطاقم في مطعم ومقهى حكايات
mosah alharere21
mosah alharere21
مطعم ومقهى حكايات .. برأيي مطعم راقي و جلسة مميزة اما الاكل فهو شي ثاني من حيث الجودة والنظافة والمذاق الطيب… والاهم من كل هذا انو القهوة تعد من قبل خبير ومدرب معتمد في طريقة اعداد القهوة .. انا انصح بتحربة حكايات لانو في الاصل حكاية
ابو حلا
ابو حلا
مكان هادئ وطعام لذيذ للغاية انصح بالقدوم اليه وخاصة البرياني طعم ولا ألذ
مانع محمد
مانع محمد
Had a great time eating perfect delicious food at the restaurant. The staff “Hadheri & Hameed & Jihan” were committed to great service and were very friendly. I’ve like the atmosphere as it was awesome. Most importantly, every food and drink on the menu that I’ve tasted are great. Last not least, they do have a fabulous coffee and I’m sure that the coffee beans are selected by a professional.
Janan Bangash
Janan Bangash
Very good
Wesam Heen
Wesam Heen
Nice Place ، and best coffee I try before
Achraf SEBTI
Achraf SEBTI
Excellent coffee. It's rare that I'm satisfied with coffee in Dubai but I experienced an exceptional one at Hykayet today. Mr. Mohamed, trainer and coffee expert, made me a delight with his own hands. the best coffee I have tasted in my life. I usually take my coffee with sugar, with his advice, I was able to take it without. We never feel the bitter taste. I strongly advise you to visit his cafe and taste his single espresso. thank you for this little improvised lesson. Don't hesitate to have breakfast in its restaurant without forgetting its dishes with exceptional tastes...

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